I did some data mining related to my iHasApp API project recently. Specifically, on the Top 2000 Free iPhone apps (a whopping 25.28 GB of compressed data, and 1.5% of all available free apps).

By analyzing the app’s iTunesMetadata.plist and Info.plist, you can learn a few things that aren’t available anywhere else. For example (note that my dataset is for Free apps), did you know that:

92% of apps are below the cellular download limit (20MB);
Nearly 10% of apps are built using the obsolete iOS 2 & 3;
31% of apps don’t multitask, 11 months after iOS 4.0;
Only 27% support URL Schemes (inter-app communication);
18% of URL Schemes are for the Facebook iOS SDK;
70% of apps disable the automatic iPhone icon gloss;

For more detailed information from my data mining, as well as a histogram at the end, see below. There is accompanying information for those who are curious as to how I attained said information. Just google the term next to each section heading. 

2000 Top Free iPhone Apps
Cumulative Size: 25.28 GB

IPA Sizes [NSFileSize]
Minimum: 0.07 MB
1st Quartile: 2.35 MB
Median: 5.08 MB
3rd Quartile: 11.26 MB
Mean: 12.64 MB
Maximum: 1927 MB

SDK Versions [DTSDKName]
36 apps built with iOS 2.X
- 10 from iOS 2.0
- 3 from iOS 2.1
- 23 from iOS 2.2
149 apps built with iOS 3.X
- 77 from iOS 3.0
- 49 from iOS 3.1
- 23 from iOS 3.2
1814 apps built with iOS 4.X
- 149 from iOS 4.0
- 162 from iOS 4.1
- 917 from iOS 4.2
- 586 from iOS 4.3

Multitasking [UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend]
431 apps specifically disable multitasking
186 apps were built with pre-4.0 sdks
A total of 617 ( 30.85%) apps don’t multitask

URL Schemes [CFBundleURLSchemes]
539 apps contain at least one url scheme
694 total url schemes
126 Facebook SDK url schemes

Glossy Icons [UIPrerenderedIcon]
1391 apps specifically disable icon glossing

AuthorDaniel Amitay